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Arend Veeninga MD, PhD Arend Veeninga (1944) is at present – after retirement – still part-time working as clinical psychiatrist as well as psychotherapist. He has a broad interest several aspects of psychiatry and psychotherapy and has contributed to more than 60 publications on different subjects, such as menstrual / hormonal related mood disorders (thesis), the role of causal attributions in aetiology and treatment of psychiatric disorders, prescription patterns of antidepressants in general practice, polypharmacy in clinical psychiatry, traumatisation and PTSD, vitamin D deficiency in psycho geriatric patients, research on patient’s requests with regard to treatment in psychiatry, different aspects of Cognitive Behaviour therapy and supervision in psychotherapy. For many years he was chairman of the Dutch Association of Psychotherapy. He is a now a member of the council of the International Federation of Psychotherapy. At present he is still an active member of the Dutch Association of Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Therapy. He is involved in training programs in CBT and supervision in psychotherapy. As active clinical psychiatrist he got interested in the SwitchWiki.eu and MedicaWiki.eu project and - as a user - has given advices on the lay-out of the website. He contributes now in publications on the project. Conflict of interests: neither pharmaceutical companies nor other financial interest is involved. Declared 2011. Sadly, Arend Veeninga passed away in 2011.