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Help:Caution area's

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Adverse effects, contra-indications and interactions have been combined into a number of caution-area's that are scaled from 1 (safe) to 10 (normally too dangerous). Both scaling method itself and the assigned score need to be well-documented and references should be added.

A zero (0) is assigned to (yet) unscaled (and thus unknown risk) caution area's.

As a logged-in MedicaWiki user you will be shown some caution-areas that are unavailable to guests.

Caution area Comment In use
Alcohol Alcohol abuse - too incomplete false
Anticholinergic Anticholinergic effects true
Children Children with age below 18 true
Cva CVA - Cerebro vascular accidents true
Copd COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease true
Cvd CVD Cardio vascular diseases - out of use, partially replaced with hypertension/hypotension false
Dementia true
Diabetes Diabetes mellitus true
Dyskinesia Dyskinesia (tardive) true
Movedisorders Movement disorders true
Elderly age above 65 true
Sexfemale Female sexual dysfunction true
Fertility fertility risk - too incomplete false
Gynaecology gynaecological problems - too incomplete false
Haematology true
Heartfailure false
Hepatic Hepatic failur true
Hypertension true
Hypotension true
Lactation true
LQTS Long Q-T Syndrome true
Sexmale Male sexual dysfunction true
PM2D6 Poor CYP2D6 metabolizer true
PM2C19 Poor CYP2C19 metabolizer true
Pregnancy true
Renal Renal failure true
Sedation true
Seizures true
Traffic true
Photosensitivity true
URM2C19 Ultra rapid CYP2D19 metabolizer true
URM2D6 Ultra rapid CYP2D6 metabolizer true
Weight false
Weight gain true
Weight loss true