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{{#customtitle: START | Introduction }}
{{#customtitle: START | Introduction }}
At MedicaWiki we're developing tools to improve accessibility of the abundantly available (though often scattered) information about medication. 
For now we have put together monographies on [[antipsychotics]], [[antidepressants]], [[MoodStabilizers|mood stabilizers]] and [[benzodiazepines]].
A 'monography' in this respect consists of key information for a single (generic) drug. Adverse effects, contra-indications and interactions have been combined into a number of '[[caution-area's]]' and were scaled from 1 (safe) to 10 (unacceptable dangerous). Both scaling method itself and the assigned level need to be well-documented. A zero (0) is assigned to (yet) unscaled (and thus unknown risk) caution area's.
Documentation in this context is to be achieved by means of references to authoritative sources like [[wp:Pubmed|Pubmed]] or publicly accessible monography collections. Scaling methodology will be explained at the linked page for the caution area or 'property'. Whenever possible, the scaling methodology will be mimicked from existing schemes like the schemes for [[property:pregnancy|pregnancy]], [[property:lactation|lactation]] etc, rescaled to a '1-10' -scale.

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